2016 Favorites

Jan 6, 2017

Cue Sleeping at Last…my winter soundtrack as I sit and go through all the shoots of 2016. I don’t feel like I’m very good at picking this stuff. And I’m not sure how they even flow together… but I guess thats how art is. Every couple is unique and different, every shoot has a new location and completely different light and feeling in the day. I shot fourteen weddings this year (for some of you thats a breeze… but to me it’s all I really want or need for a year of work) I had at least one every month. It allowed me to be fully invested in my family, my couples, my art, and my own heart. It also allowed me to come out of the year still loving being a wedding photographer. I also got my first international wedding in Norway this year, which was a dream for me. Me and Brandon spent twelve days in Norway and Iceland celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. We lived a dream as we renewed our vows in Reykjadalur, Iceland in middle of a hot geothermal pool, and our friend Rafal Bojar spent the day documenting that sweet day for us. ( See our shoot here – https://rafalbojar.com/stories/love-story/ ) Iceland was definitely our favorite thing we did last year.

Thirty was an amazing year for me. So many dreams came true, and it exceeded every hope and dream. I chose early on to invest into my heart this year by going through life coaching. It was an exceptional year discovering my strengths and weaknesses. And absolutely life changing for my soul and my outlook on being kind to my heart.

Posting a blog is always extremely vulnerable for me, it’s the work that I throw my heart into day after day. It’s the desire of my soul to feel like what I create is enough to be seen or to have people stop and see it. I want it be my all coming through the images I create.

One of the things I work hard on every day is my Marvelous Mundane 365 photo project (rivkahfineart.tumblr.com) documenting my boys (You will see some of these pictures in this blog post..) I just completed my second year of it, and I’m trying to continue it this year. It keeps me looking for beautiful light, marvelous moments and the beauty of growth in the mundane things everyday. It keeps me engaged.

So here are some favorites from this year…. Special thanks to my beloved couples this year who let me into their life and allowed me to become their friends. I really enjoyed getting to know you all. Thank you for your trust.

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