2019 Favorites

Jan 12, 2020

Iceland destination wedding on the Snaefellsnes peninsula near Reykjavik and Budir.

This quote has been exactly how last year felt for me. It was the year of unlearning. It was a quiet sea of thoughts as well as a raging ocean in my soul and in my mind. Hours were spent pouring over podcasts, poetry, imagery… finding beauty, finding the truth that felt sacred to me. And like someone that restores precious, sacred paintings… the time and the careful intricate detail that goes into the restoration to preserve the authenticity of the painting— this is how 2019 has felt for my soul. 

I started the year pretty depressed with winter and being in this small town I live in with a handful of friends. Thankfully my kind husband sent me to Iceland (for my second time) to a workshop there to find myself and to have life knocked back into me. I came out of this experience with hope for the year. And with breathtaking images that have pushed me forward in my desires to shoot weddings and elopements in Iceland regularly. It also awakened some pretty amazing ideas in me that I hope will come into being in the next two to three years. 

I loved all my weddings and engagement sessions this year. And I loved all the mountains, miles, and culling it took to create images. 

My personal projects and life include my 365 photo project with my boys (now in my 5th year) called "The Marvelous Mundane 365" which I’ve included a few images below. I’ve worked on upcoming ideas for new endeavors for my business. Got kittens for a week (my oldest was allergic), and our family got our first puppy over December, named Holiday. I learned to swim under water for the first time without holding my nose (Age 33 is never too old to learn), I got my first tattoo of the seal of my sons with art by www.bohemianink.com and the tattoo by www.instagram.com/land.of.sky.

My husband and I went to Iceland and Montréal as our international trips last year. And I survived another year with three boys and running my photography business. 

I am proud of me, I am thankful, and I’m grateful for this job that I adore. I’ve tried to intentionally create a space where people can have beautiful memories. 

Here are more images then you probably need to see of 2019. Enjoy!

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