Luke & Ashley - Hamptons, NY

Oct 4, 2012

I’ve known Ashley for twelve and half years. Our family visited the Hamptons, and we became close friends with the Webb family. In fact, we do consider them family. Ashley and I have spent a lot of time in the past together. In more recent years, Ashley has lived in Kansas City with her sister, and our lives have been crazy busy. I love the holidays because it brings her and her sisters home to visit their parents.

Our family used to go to the Hamptons to visit a couple times a year. Ashley and I went on mission trips together, we were involved in the same internships and school together for quite a while. Ashley and her sister, Molly, were in my wedding. We have lived together in certain seasons. We have a lot of mutual friends. I love this girl so much. Thank God, her parents moved to the Carolinas a few years ago–I get my “Webb” fix every other week or so. <3

I can’t describe how incredibly happy I am for Ashley and Luke. Luke is one of thirteen kids, and his family was glorious to photograph. Honestly, the Roberts family was literally everywhere throughout the day. I loved it.

A few times during this wedding, I had to step back and detach from my work to see one of my dearest friends whom I’ve prayed for, cheered on, and had so many beautiful moments with, radiate and glow as she walked down the aisle to meet her groom. A couple times I wept. (Thankfully, the camera conveniently hid my tears.)

Ashley decided to get married in her home town in Long Island, NY, in the Hamptons at St. Thomas Chapel. Her reception took place in the back yard of her great Aunt’s house, built around 100 years ago. So incredible. Brandon, Laef and I flew in to document this day. My parents were there as well, and they took care of my baby.

If you haven’t ever been to the Hamptons… well… let me just say… wow! I spent so much time in my teen years there and I haven’t been back in around seven or eight years. It’s so incredibly lovely. Everywhere you look there’s eye candy. I just had freak out moments every now and then as we drove around the villages–the beaches, the PIZZA, and the company!

Our time there was absolutely perfect. Brandon, Laef and I stayed in a gorgeous home with a sweet couple. It was Laef’s first trip anywhere, and what better place is there than the Hamptons?

The day started at Ashley’s Grandparents house, and then over to the small cottage behind the church (where Ashley and Luke now live). My husband drove out to Montauk (on the tip of the island) where Luke and his groomsmen were staying.

Side Note: There were almost thirty people in the bridal party. (Crazy amazing!)

Ashley’s Dress is by Ian Stuart. Its the “Premiere”. She bought it at the bridal salon that I used to work at in Kansas City, KS (Bridal Extraordinaire.)

The flowers were done by Ashley’s sister, Molly.

A special thanks to my incredible husband for second shooting. I love you, babe.

Congrats, Luke and Ashley! I sure love you both!

Enjoy! ;D

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