Testimonial: Luke & Ashley

Luke & Ashley

Rivkah, was, to say the least, wonderful. Any worries I had about a wedding photographer were gone months before our wedding day. Rivkah took initiative and was involved in the pre-planning of my wedding to the point where I felt I could let go and trust her with everything. She was never intrusive or demanding of my time, but she was involved.

I knew I liked her art, and months before the wedding, I knew I could trust her performance! She was on top of her game, punctual, happy, confident, accommodating, considerate of family and guests, worked hard, didn’t waste time, knew what she wanted to capture, used the ‘backdrop’ we gave her perfectly and, in the end, created breathtaking artwork that perfectly captures one of the most memorable moments of my life.

When I look at her photos, I know I wasn’t posing. They don’t look forced. I was comfortable. I was enjoying the moment, and Rivkah was capturing these real moments and unforgettable memories.

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Luke & Ashley
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