Testimonial: Nathan & Leslea

I will never forget the day I stumbled across Rivkah's work, nor will I forget the emotion that it stirred up in my heart. It came at a pivotal time in my life when I needed something to inspire me and propel me forward into the future. I was awestruck by her vision, her artistry, and her ability to identify a single moment in time that captured a history, a romance, a lifetime. Through her images, I was drawn into the story of a love-struck couple or into the wonder of a growing, happy family. I followed her work for several years, knowing that if I had my wildest dream, she would one day be my wedding photographer. And when I finally had the courage to reach out to her from across the country, I discovered more than an artist. I discovered a friend. She documented the magic of my own timeless love story, my own epic romance, my own fairytale. And she created for me a time capsule that continually takes me back to the emotion I felt on the day I pledged myself to the love of my life. Everyone who looks at my pictures always exclaims: "You have the best wedding photos of anyone. Ever." I couldn't agree more.  

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