Montréal & Stowe, Vermont

Sep 14, 2015

Hmm… yes… Montréal. I wanted to share a few photos of my husband’s and my getaway to the North. I was booked for a gorgeous wedding in Stowe, Vermont, and so Brandon and I decided to fly in a few days early and get a sweet Airbnb in the beautiful city of Montréal. Since Montréal was only two hours from Stowe, we felt like it would be a wonderful place to visit. And Brandon speaks a bit of French so he was really excited about getting to be immersed in a French/English culture.

I took a few photos, and I can’t say that I went completely out of the way to get unbelievable shots. I feel that the remainder of my life will always be to struggle against "Should I shoot this, or view it with my eyes and take it in." And my compromise is to only shoot something that I really want to remember or something that I feel is truly beautiful. So in this case, I don’t feel like I told a dramatic story with my photos, as much as I took pieces of my seven days away and made it an art piece that I consider worth sharing. And I blog more for me anyways.

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We missed our sweet babies for seven days, but we needed our time away and loved every moment together. Getting to just sit and do nothing when we wanted to was luxurious.

We’re so thankful to my folks for watching our boys for a week, so we could go vacation, explore and work!

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