cūra : a space to create

May 2, 2022

At last! I'm releasing an idea to curate a beautiful space for photographers to collaborate together. I've been thinking about it for far too long, and now the time has come for me to throw my ideas out into the wind and let the energy carry it to the souls who may need this most.

In the crispness of early autumn's chilly mountain air, I'm looking for eight to ten photographers to take to the highlands of Virginia for an afternoon of connecting and creating something beautiful together. We will hike through the highlands. I don't know what we will see or how it will all go. It may rain. It might be blue skies and golden sun. There may be wild ponies. It may be complete perfection. But I've asked two couples (past clients) if they would model for us (and they've accepted).

My plan is to collaborate with a few florists and artists to add to this creative space. I would also love for us to photograph one another within the scenery we find throughout the day as well.

This isn't a workshop. This isn't about one person having the "guru" photographer presentation...or how to best run your business.


This is simply about creating for the sake of our souls. It's about making the inner connection to why we love doing what we do...to taking a day to do something for ourselves and seeing how other photographers and creatives see. This is about learning from one another. You are an experience for others to experience.

It's been an exhausting, saddening few years for so many of us. And I believe what we need most is to simply "be" with other innovative people and for us to be seen in the current state of our souls, no matter how bright or dark we may feel on the inside. The community and collaboration together is the cure...the means for us to find wholeness and light.

If you are interested in venturing with me to the top of the Virginia mountains for an afternoon/evening, here are the details:

Send me a message if you're interested: rivkahfineart@gmail.com

“I see my life as an unfolding set of opportunities to awaken.” ― Ram Dass

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