cūra : An Iceland Experience

Feb 20, 2024

“I see my life as an unfolding set of opportunities to awaken.” ― Ram Dass

Sometimes you just want to take your life off, as if it were a giant weighted blanket that is draped over you and be transported to a different place. A new place. A place without the responsibilities of carrying all the mundane life tasks. Sometimes your soul longs for the presence of the beautiful. The vibration of magic and wonder to gently scoop you up, care for you, cure you, and resuscitate your tired soul.

As a woman and a single mom of three, I feel this deeply. “All the woman in me are tired.” - Nayyirah Waheed

Almost seven years ago I experienced what it was like to be transported to a magical land where my senses were awakened and I truly felt like I was in heaven on this earth. It was a fairy tale feeling, a mystical awakening, the closest it felt like to a god being real. Divine breath, endless awe, an oasis for my soul, creativity swirling, and the sky dancing. There was something about this experience that imprinted me so deeply. Since then my everyday feels like it’s being pulled to this place. I’ve spent the last seven years going back and forth when I can. Building friendships with people who live there. I’ve had the opportunity to take clients and friends across this incredible land. To photograph them, to have beautiful, life changing experiences with them.


The land of fire and ice. The land of 10,000 waterfalls. The land where the colors are painted in the sky. The land that has a special kind of magic. It’s the kind of magic that knows how to find your inward magic.

It’s been one of my greatest desires to take people to Iceland for the last five years. I’ve been carrying this little fire inside my soul and after experiencing the hardest year of my life last year, I know that I’m not the only woman who needs my heart tended to and cared for ever so gently.

I’m excited to announce a new beautiful endeavor. cūra. (genitive cūrae) (fem.) To take care, concern, thought, & solicitude.

Me and my team will be creating a curated adventure for a hand full of woman (no more then 13)  to travel across the beautiful country of Iceland. We will experience the unbelievable magic and wonder of this breathtaking land. We’ll journey together, share spaces, eat and drink together, and my team and I will spend some time photographing you and our amazing adventure together.

This experience is for the soul of a woman longing for adventure, connection, soul healing, and a chance to let down her hair and dance under the arctic skies filled with colorful northern lights. (We hope!)

Sep 14-21st, 2024

(I’ve chosen September because it is my favorite month that I’ve experienced in Iceland. It’s rainbow season and the beginning of the Northern Lights)

Cost: $2500

What is included:

What is not included:

  • • Your airfare from wherever you are located. (Me and my team will most likely be hitting a non stop flight from RDU which is about $780. You can find much cheaper flights from DC)
  • • Your food (I would budget approx $100-$150 a day. I would recommend doing some google searches and find out what price best feels good for you. When I arrive I try to go to the grocery store and have everyone purchase food for themselves for your adventure. And we will be doing a lot of stops at gas stations where they have the best soups and amazing hots dogs)
  • • Your travlers insurance that will be required. (I recommend https://safetywing.com/nomad-insurance/)
  • • Additional Lagoons and Hot springs such as The Blue Lagoon & The Sky Lagoon


This is tentative and a mock itinerary that will be ironed out more and more.

Sep 14th & 15th: Most flights leave the US in the evening around 8:30pm and arrive in Iceland between 5 and 7am on Sep 15th.

My hope is to have everyone arrive before 8am on the 15th. From the airport we will rent a few cars, load up, and drive to Reykjavik (about 45 minutes away) where I will have rented a place for us to crash immediately when we arrive. We will rest until the early afternoon and make our way to Hvammisvik Hot Spring which is about 45 minutes from Reykjavik. We will spend our day experiencing the beautiful natural hot springs, cold plunging in the waters (if you want) and getting to know one another. We’ll eat some dinner in Reykjavik that evening and go to bed.

Sep 16th: We’ll load up, hit a grocery store for some snacks and make our way slowly across the country. We’ll stop for lunch at Gróðurhúsið - The Greenhouse (https://thegreenhouse.is )

And we will be seeing beautiful places like

  • • Seljalandsfoss (You can go behind this waterfall!)
  • • Skogafoss (One of the Iceland’s largest waterfalls)
  • • Dyrhólaey (Overlooking black beaches)
  • • Reynisfjara Beach (The most magical beach you may have ever seen in your life!)

    We’ll eat dinner and stay outside of the town of Vik (looking at this place for our stay- http://horgsland.is)

Sep 17th: We will eat breakfast and we’ll head to more amazing places

  • • Potentially Múlagljúfur Canyon
  • • Jökulsárlón
  • • Fjaðrárgljúfur
  • • Diamond Beach

Sep 18th. We will stay close to Hofn, Iceland where we will get up and go spend a big part of our morning at

  • • Stokksnes / Vestrahorn

We’ll load up and make our way back staying close to Vik.

Sep 19th: depending on weather we will hike to a hot spring in the middle of the mountains (its about a 50 min hike each way)

If weather allows we will hit sunset on the Reykjanes Peninsula that evening or the evening of the 20th. We’ll stay in Reykjavik for two nights.

Sep 20th: A day in Reykjavik and surrounding areas. You have the option of doing on your own or with some of the group.

We’ll all eat dinner together.

If you are interested in joining us on this curated experience please click this link below to answer a few questions for us! I'll then send you a link to an invoice where we can sign you up for this amazing adventure!


Thank you all! Let's do this!


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