Testimonial: Seth & Lauren

Seth & Lauren

I first found Rivkah Fine Art Photography while looking through Facebook for wedding photographers and it is nothing short of a miracle that I found her! As soon as I saw her pictures I knew she was who I wanted to document the most important day of my life to date. She captures raw, emotional, unexpected moments in time with extreme talent and precision. After months of face timing, emailing, and texting I was finally able to meet her for my bridal portraits. Among her talent and professionalism as a photographer, she has one of the kindest and has one of the most joyful spirits of anyone you will ever meet. After being blown away by my bridal portraits, I was so confident in her for my wedding day. She took such flattering photos and was so particular with the lighting and my pose.

Even though I hired Rivkah, I feel like I should be thanking her over and over again. It is so rare to find someone so passionate for their work while still wanting to please and take care of her client on a personal and professional level. I have never known a photographer to be so specific about detail to make sure they achieved the perfect picture. I will forever be grateful that I hired her, that I was fortunate enough to meet her, and I feel like I have walked away inspired by her! So thank you (for the 100th time) Rivkah for your hard work, dedication, and amazing talent you put into making my wedding pictures ones I will always treasure!

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